Video: Neil-Sonal scorches the screen in ‘Kaise Bataaoon’

The film ‘3G’ is going to be different from the run of the mill Bollywood movies. It has something unconventional to offer to the Hindi movie buffs. The horror thriller is all set to release across India on 15th March 2013. The lead actress for the movie, Sonal Chauhan has to say “3G' is a horror film. But in Indian cinema, the horror films have been mostly about haunted mansions, spirits or black magic. '3G' offers you horror in a different way, something that I think the Indian audience will see for the first time on screen.”

The story of the film revolves around a second hand 3G mobile phone that Neil Nitin Mukesh purchases. He starts getting calls on the phone from an unknown woman and weird things starts to happen. No doubt that the plot of the film is intriguing and the director duo of Shantanu Ray Chhibber and Sheershak Anand must have a done a good job.

However, what is drawing attention to the movie is the video trailer of the song ‘Kaise Bataaoon’ from the movie. The chemistry between the lead pairs Sonal Chauhan and Neil is sizzling. The song itself is a mushy number composed by Mithoon and sung by KK and the heroine Sonal Chauhan herself.

Sonal establishes herself as a sex bomb by flashing her flesh in the video. This is the first time she has worn bikini for the camera. In the song she is shown in flowing gowns when not in bikini. Her newly acquired fabulous body is well picturised in the song and her curves are well highlighted to grab the eye balls. She looks ravishing when she rolls on the sand wearing a bikini.

Sonal look stunning when she emerges from the sea wearing a red bikini in the film. For the shot to be perfect Sonal tried almost fifty bikinis before selecting the one crafted by the designer duo of Shivan and Narresh.

She also did extensive dieting to be in shape to wear the bikinis for the video song in the movie ‘3G’. She was in the diet of a single pineapple a day. She had to give up all her favorite foods to look good. The actress states on this “I am a big foodie and I never support that staying hungry is good. But I had to do it as I wanted to look good on the screen.”

Well all the efforts on her part has certainly paid off on the screen. We hope to see more of her in the movie soon.