Vaibhav’s ex-wife Sunaina opens up on Vaibhav Rekhi-Dia Mirza’s wedding

Dia Mirza and Vaibhav Rekhi got married on February 15th in an intimate ceremony and Vaibhav’s ex-wife Sunaina Rekhi opens up on Dia’s wedding to her ex-husband. The wedding was also attended by Sunaina and Vaibhav’s daughter Samaira. Samaira is seen escorting Dia to the down the aisle.

A fitness instructor, Sunaina posted a video on her Instagram stories recently, where she said the union of Dia and her ex-husband Vaibhav was important for her daughter Samaira.

“I’m Sunaina Rekhi. You must’ve heard my name, and if not, now it’s all over the news. Yes, my ex-husband has gotten married to Dia (Mirza) and I’ve been getting a lot of DMs and WhatsApps to ask if I’m okay, if Samaira and I are fine. Thank you for feeling I’m your own and for your concern. We are perfectly fine, not just fine, but my daughter is very excited. I saw some videos where she was throwing flowers. It’s a really nice extension for her. We don’t have any family in Bombay, so it’s nice that she has more family. It’s always nice to create more expansion in your lives. Also, I want to take this opportunity to say that it is so important for a child to see love in their lives. If Samaira couldn’t see that kind of love between her father and her mother, when she was younger, at least she sees that love now. She carries that beauty and that energy into her future, which is so lovely, to be able to see love in a marriage. I think that’s very special, and I’m very happy for Samaira and I’m very happy for her dad, and for Dia,” Sunaina said in the video clip.

Dia and Vaibhav spend lockdown together and two days before taking wedding vows, the actress declared about her nuptial. The 'Thappad' actress was earlier married to Sahil Sangha.