Shraddha Kapoor enjoys scooty ride with boyfriend Rohan Shrestha

After lockdown restriction is eased, many Bollywood celebrities stepped out of their house. Lately, we spotted Shraddha Kapoor taking a scooty ride with boyfriend Rohan Shrestha.

Both wore a mask in their face. Shraddha was dressed in a black t-shirt, black track pants and black cap while Rohan donned a white t-shirt and printed blue shorts.

Shraddha has been in a relationship with the Bollywood photographer Rohan Shrestha for a year. 

A source was quoted as saying,"Shraddha Kapoor has been dating Rohan Shrestha for over a year now. They have known each other for the longest time but they have only started dating sometime in 2018. Shraddha had come out of a failed relationship with Farhan and now wants to settle down."

"She is 33. Her parents have been convincing her to take the big step. She's finally heard them out and has spoken to Rohan about the same. If all goes fine, Shraddha will turn missus by early next year," added the source.

Shraddha and Rohan have been good friends for a year but they never admitted their relationship in public.

Earlier, Rohan had refuted the rumour of dating the actress.

He had said, "We have been extremely close for the last 9 years, but NO, I am not dating her. I met her at a party and we instantly hit it off. First impressions I definitely thought she was cute, but have only remained best friends ever since."

In the past, Shraddha was romantically linked with Farhan Akhtar but her parents did not approve of her relationship with a divorcee and a father of two teenage daughters.