Shakti Kapoor grabs a Nepali actress

Bollywood notorious villain Shakti Kapoor acted villain in real life too. He has been accused of misbehaving with a Nepali actress and the incident created ripples in Nepal. While shooting for a Bhojpuri film, Hum Hai Hero Hindustani in Birgunj town in south Nepal, the 52 years old actor used derogatory words for heroine Rekha Thapa and also tried to grab her hand when he asked her for a coke and the actress replied negatively.

Angry Rekha Thapa reacted strongly against Shakti and when two other actors tried to intervene, he situation further worsened. After the incident, Rekha Thapa decided to walk out of the movie but when Shakti Kapoor apologized on the plea of the director of the movie, she agreed to resume the shooting.

However director Sanu Shakya did not comment anything about the incident and Rekha Thapa also remained unavailable for any comments. Kapoor left for Mumbai on Tuesday. This is Shakti's third film with the director and he is playing the role of an evil girl trafficker that sends the message that there should be no discrimination between sons and daughters.