Saif, Kareena trolled for naming their son Jehangir

When Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan named their first child, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, the couple was trolled and again Saif and Kareena are facing flak for naming their second son after another Mughal Emperor Jehangir.

In her book, ‘Pregnancy Bible’, Kareena mentioned that they have named their second child, Jehangir.

“When Taimur Ali Khan was born, Saif was keen on naming him Faiz after the famous poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz but Kareena decided to go with Taimur. This time too, Saif was keen on naming the child Faiz, but later on, the couple thought of naming their second child Jehangir Ali Khan,” said the source.

Here's what the netizens wrote:-

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor seems to be running a 21st century Mughal dynasty by naming their kids after erstwhile Mughal Rulers. Timur is followed by Jahangir. I hope Saif doesn't consider himself to be Babur 

Big Braking #KareenaKapoorKhan and #SaifAliKhan are planning to name their third child Aurangzeb?

Jahangir was so brutal that skinning people alive was his fav type of punishment .. Kareena said that Saif is a history buff.. I am sure he is that’s why he named his son Jahangir

Looks like #KareenaKapoorKhan and #SaifAliKhan will form the Team of the Mughal Ruler, First #taimur and now #Jehangir. Who will be next? 

Few also support the couple. Here's what they wrote:-

Was not a great fan of Kareena but her I give a damn attitude and courage has made me swoon over the lady. The society likes more like her #SaifAliKhan #KareenaKapoorKhan you guys rock

What is the problem if #SaifAliKhan and #KareenaKapoorKhan name their son ‘Jeh Ali Khan’! He is their child and they have all right to name their son whatever they want!

Reacting to trolls, Saif’s sister Saba Ali Khan he wrote, “Jeh… JAAN.” She also wrote, “What’s in a name? Love… live and let it be. Children are God’s blessings.”