Sachiin Joshi files cheating case against Shilpa Shetty in ‘Gold Scam’

NRI Sachin Joshi has filed cheating case against Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra. He alleged that he was cheated by the Satyug Gold Pvt Ltd, a gold trading company of which Shilpa and her husband were ex-directors.

Joshi lodged a complaint at the Khar Police Station and in his complaint, he has cheated by SGPL's 'Satyug Gold Scheme', launched around 2014.

Raj Kundra opened up about the matter,“Just stating facts to correct a false narrative that's doing rounds in the media. This is with reference to the news about a complaint filed by an NRI (gutkha baron's son Sachin Joshi) for losses suffered, following an investment in Satyug Gold Pvt Ltd. Firstly and most importantly, Shilpa and I have received no such complaint as claimed by the gentleman in question. The website has all the relevant details and contact information for those who want their queries answered. With all the assistance we've made available, it is quite underhanded to say that there was no remedy. 

He adds, “I would request the media to perform a cursory fact check before publishing information and not be an accessory in misleading viewers and readers. He has not paid his dues. All businesses have proper channels of communication and the whole world is dealing with us. Why is it that only one person needs to reach media before contacting us? Very malicious indeed!

A copy of a letter sent to him has been shared with the local police station where he filed a complaint. It clearly mentions that he hasn’t paid his dues and is blatantly lying and misleading the authority’s by not even contacting us once.”