Ranvir Shorey diagnosed with Covid-19

Bollywood actor Ranvir Shorey has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and the actor blames himself for contracting the virus. After diagnosed with coronavirus, the actor isolated himself in the room.

The actor says he contracted the virus because of his carelessness. "I think with the announcement of the vaccine people have become more careless. I myself contracted COVID through the eyes, because I was careless about hand hygiene while using eye makeup at a shoot. It gave me conjunctivitis, which turned out to be COVID. We must all keep our guard up at all times. The virus is still around and we have a long way to go before everyone is immunised and the virus is defeated," he pointed out.

He is following all the protocols to get out of the virus. "I am staying put in my room without moving out for a week. Food is served to me at the door and doctors have given me the proper medication. God willing, I should be done with it in another 4 days," he asserted, adding that he would take all possible precautions to ensure that he does not transmit COVID to anyone. "My staff is not allowed in my room. My father is 91 and isolated in his own room. And I have sent my son to his mother's Konkona Sen Sharma’s place," he relayed.

The actor also had taken a break from shooting. "But everyone cooperated and managed," he informed.

Recalling the time when he was diagnosed, Ranvir Shorey shared, "It all began with conjunctivitis. I don't know why but I suspected that I could have contracted the coronavirus. I had read somewhere that conjunctivitis could be a symptom. So, I decided to get tested. I also have other symptoms like nasal blockage, lung wheezing, and body pain". But now, the actor is on his way to recovery. "Conjunctivitis is gone and the other symptoms are also receding. I seem to have got lucky with a not very serious strain of the virus but the others might not be as lucky. Even I might not be so lucky, next time around".

Wishing the actor a speedy recovery!