Raj Kundra opens up on cheating allegations made by Sachin Joshii

Raj Kundra has released a statement clarifing the cheating allegations made by NRI Sachin Joshi against him and his actress wife Shilpa Shetty. In his statement, Raj Kundra wrote that the allegation is “totally false and frivolous”.

Raj wrote that allegations against him were ‘Totally false and frivolous’. “It is to state that the claims made by the so-called NRI or Gutka Baron’s son (as the media terms him) namely Mr. Sachin Joshi is totally false and frivolous. I would like to clarify the news doing the rounds and blatantly picked up by other news agencies without verifying the facts with other parties involved. This act of Mr. Sachin Joshi is yet another attempt to malign and tarnish my image and reputation in the country. He has made several attempts before earlier so this is nothing new,” he wrote.

“I would like to put on record that one company Satyug Gold Pvt. Ltd. in which I was an investor and director had launched a gold plan to provide gold to customers. The details of the scheme are not elaborated for the brevity of the matter. Every single order received from 100’s of customers since their inception has been fulfilled without a single complaint.             

“However, Mr. Sachin feels that the best way to get his gold is by filing a police complaint and media statements rather than collecting his gold from our offices or contacting us. As stated in the letter sent to police and at Mr. Sachin’s residential address we state again that Mr. Sachin Joshi’s gold is kept secured and he can collect his gold after complying with the terms and conditions and paying the balance due of Rs.17,35,000/- for which everything is mentioned in the T&C on the website.

“This matter is nothing more than revenge because of a cheque bouncing case against Mr. Joshi. In the past, he bounced cheques amounting to Rs. 40 lakhs against his purchase of a team in one of my sporting events. With regard to the unavailability and change of the office, I would like to clarify that our current address has been mentioned on our website. There has not been one instance where any of our customers faced difficulty reaching out to us other than Mr. Joshi or his claims,” he wrote.

Joshi lodged a complaint at the Khar Police Station and in his complaint, he has cheated by SGPL's 'Satyug Gold Scheme', launched around 2014. He alleged that he was cheated by the Satyug Gold Pvt Ltd, a gold trading company of which Shilpa and her husband were ex-directors.