Mira Rajput spends New Year with Misha, Zain

Mira Rajput is the happiest mother as she spends New Year with her two kids, Misha and Zain Kapoor. The mother-children trio was seen enjoying quality time on the green grass. None of their faces are visible. Zain is over his mom while Misha is leaning on her mom’s hands showing her back to the camera.

Mira Rajput captioned the adorable picture, ‘Happiest’.

Mira also shared a video clip of early morning of 2020, at the break of dawn possibly. Sharing the picture on her Instagram account, she wrote “New Dawn, New Day, New Dacade” along with “010120” showing below. 

One person definitely missing from the frame is Shahid Kapoor. Mira also shared picture of her enjoying Christmas and vacation with her sisters and family.