Maria allows Arshad to kiss Vidya

Arshad Warsi and Maria had gone through a worst phase of their life recently and now Arshad Warsi wanted to play safe. Maria really gets upset whenever Arshad has to perform any intimate scene with his co-star. Therefore in order to avoid any sort of confusion, Arshad took permission from his wife before kissing Vidya Balan in Vishal Bharadwaj’s untitled film. On looking at the situation, the not so happy Maria allowed Arshad to kiss Vidya.

Maria usually does not feel happy when Arshad gets into any sort of hot stuff with his co-star but as Vishal is a realistic story teller, she permitted him to kiss Vidya. But in spite of getting green signal from Maria, Arshad was not happy. He fears that the kiss might not put his marriage again at the edge of the sword. He feels like dying from within. But as it is the demand of the script, he cannot step down.

Fortunately, the scene ended well but Arshad vowed that as far as possible he will stay away from any onscreen kisses.