Kareena Kapoor breaks her silence on people trolling her two kids

Kareena Kapoor Khan was mercilessly trolled after she declared the real name of their second child, Jehangir Ali Khan. Earlier too, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan were trolled for Taimur’s name and again the couple received flak on social media over Jeh’s name.

But in these tough times, the actress managed to remain happy and content and turned to meditation to keep away from negativity.

"I am a very, very positive person. I am very happy and content. I want to spread happiness and positivity in a time like Covid, I can't think of trolls or any form of negativity. Now there is no other way, I have to start meditating. Because aur koi chaara nahi raha na abhi (I have no other option). That's just now because I am pushed against the wall so now I am like ‘OK, I will stay meditating'. There are two sides to a coin. So it's okay. If there is positivity, there is negativity, I have to look at it like that. I wish there wasn't. Because we have two innocent children we are talking about. But we are going to stay happy and positive,” Kareena said.

In her book, ‘Pregnancy Bible’, Kareena mentioned that they have named their second child, Jehangir. No sooner, the report surfaced on media, they received lots of negative comments. However, some sections of netizens also support the couple.

Reacting to trolls, Saif’s sister Saba Ali Khan wrote, “Jeh… JAAN.” She also wrote, “What’s in a name? Love… live and let it be. Children are God’s blessings.”