I would have only 18 rupees left in my account, Rajkummar Rao

Versatile actor Rajkummar Rao opened up about his struggling days. He went through many hardships to establish himself. There was a time when he had left only 18 rupees in his account. His school teacher paid his fees for two years.

The 'Newton' actor talked about his hard days, he said, “It used to be tough times for me. I come from a very humble middle class background and there was a time in school when I didn’t have money and my teachers paid my school fees for two years,” the actor said, adding, “When I came to the city, we were living in a really small house. I was paying Rs 7000 of my share which I thought was too much. I needed around 15-20000 every month to survive and there were times I would get a notification that I have only 18 rupees left in my account. My friend would have 23 rupees.”

Rajkummar Rao revealed that he would have nothing to even eat. “There’s a friend of mine - Vinod - who’s also an actor and we used to travel for auditions on our bikes. I knew nothing about the presentation - of how to look, what to wear. With the pollution around, we would just get down and clean other’s face with rose water and think that it’s the best version of ourselves.”

Rajkummar’s Rao father passed away last month and added that his parents are very proud of him. The actor said he took only a day off work when his parents died “because my parents are really proud of me for being an actor, and that’s the only thing they wanted me to do, which gave them so much happiness.”

On the work front, Rajkummar Rao is shooting with Janhvi Kapoor for ‘Rooh Afza’.