I wept for an entire night after cancer diagnosis, Sonali Bendre

Sonali Bendre has completed one year of cancer fighting. She is hale and hearty today and thanked fans and family for being with her through her hard times and helped her sail the tough period so smoothly.

On completion of one year of fighting cancer, Sonali also shared a few lines from Rupi Kaur`s book, 'Milk and Honey' in the caption and wrote: "stay strong through your paingrow flowers from ityou have helped me grow flowers out of mine sobloom beautifullydangerouslyloudlybloom softlyhowever you needjust bloom. Rupi Kaur_ (Milk and Honey)."

Sonali also thanked the fans and wrote, "It's been a year... I can`t tell you how instrumental YOU ALL have been... Thank you for helping me get through this and for helping me."

The actor shared few hashtags at the end of her post - #SwitchOnTheSunshine, #Gratitude, #BeFearless, #OneDayAtATime, and #MyNewNormal.

The actress recalled how she reacted when she was diagnosed with high grade cancer.

"After I spent the entire night coming to terms with it, I got up and decided now no more crying and weeping. From now on, there will be happiness. I saw the sun coming up, clicked a picture and shared it with my family and my girls, and said, `Girls, Switch on the Sunshine`," Sonali said. 

"Goldie and I are married for 16 years. And when I came to know about cancer, I realised Goldie is the most important person I care about," she added.

Talking about the film industry, Sonali said: "I love the stories that are being told now. With multiplexes coming, in there is so much diversity. I felt I had done what I had done at that point of time.

"I was growing differently. Now you have stories that are being told in different ways. What stories that were being told at that time and the image I had, I had outgrown them. 

"Probably the filmmakers and the audiences were not understanding, but I was done with that. I had moved on in my life and I loved that phase of my life. Maybe now it`s the time to explore something new again because so much has happened in life."