Top 5 highest paid Bollywood actors

5. Salman Khan: Bollywood’s own bad boy may well have reputation and a tendency to stir up controversies, but when it comes to pay packets, he certainly rakes in the big money. He is known to charge about 8-10 crores per movie, and even though his acting skills (and his accent) have always been debatable, he does deliver hits and has a huge fan following.
salman khan

4. Hrithik Roshan: After the huge success of Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish, this green eyed boy has fast risen among the Bollywood ranks. Jodhaa Akbar was critically appreciated (though it was very long). Hrithik takes in approximately 10 crores and his three film deal with Adlabs, rumoured to be worth 30 crores, once made him the highest paid star in tinsel town.
Hrithik Roshan

3. Shahrukh Khan: The baadshah of Bollywood is known to deliver certain hits and hence gets paid royally for that. With umpteen ads and television shows, times are good for him. He charges a cool 12 crores for a movie.
shahrukh khan

2. Aamir Khan: The perfectionist of Bollywood has the highest delivery rate. Usually doing a movie a year, all his movies turn out to be blockbusters. With Ghajini breaking all records, Aamir has once again proven his might. And for that, he charges about 13-14 crores a movie.
aamir khan

1. Akshay Kumar: Tadaa! His rise to the top has certainly been one to chart. Silently but slowly overtaking the Khan brigade, Akki has consistently delivered hits. He has proven to be the king of mindless comedies and producers rush to him for any comic role. He takes home a whopping 15 crores per movie, the highest ever paid to a Bollywood actor.
Akshay kumar