Gul Panag wishes to have second child

On July 2018, Gul Panag and her husband Rishi Attari are blessed with a baby boy Nihal and Gul will make sure that they have a second child so that their son gets a sibling.

"I share a very strong sibling bond with my brother who lives in Delhi. My husband has a sibling and they are closely knitted with each other. I feel it is very important to have a sibling bond. I will try my best to make sure that Nihal has a sibling to share a bond like this," she was quoted as saying.

When HT asked Gul Panag if she will opt for adoption or surrogacy, the 40-year-old actress said, "I haven't thought about that yet but I'm sure to have Nihal have a sibling. Whether it is meant to be or not meant to be is something God can decide. I would like to have my son to have a sibling. How, when, where, I think time will tell."

Gul recently hit the headlines for her timeless grace. She shared a bikini picture on her Instagram of 20 years apart. Gul is seen in the same swimsuit now and 20 years ago, 1999 and 2019. Netizens are stunned to see Gul’s no change avatar over the years. 20 years ago also she looked the same as she is now.

She wrote in the caption, “Then and now. Back in Maldives after twenty years!! My @marksandspencer swimsuit still going strong.”

Her followers and fans were left stunned by the pictures. One of them wrote, “If it weren’t for the flippers, it would’ve been impossible to find the difference!”

“Omg u haven’t changed,” wrote another. Yet another person wrote, “And you haven’t aged a day... howwwwwww!” Another follower wrote, “You are incredible!”

"Gorgeous then and gorgeous now." One user wrote: "Some people just never grow old," while another commented: "You are timeless!" One of her fans wrote in the comments section: "Omg you haven't changed a bit."

Gul posted a series of pictures from her beach vacation, with her son. She captioned a picture with her son, “A well deserved break after what has been an incredibly busy last few months. Excellent weather. First day was spent with sun, sand , snorkelling with Son.”