Don’t add to the panic, maintain hygiene: Kareena, Sonam on coronavirus

Coronavirus has been a scare for all now. The virus is spreading like a fire in the jungle and precautionary measures are taken across the world. India too is leaving no stone unturned to fight the dreaded virus. Our Bollywood celebrities from Kareena Kapoor Khan to Parineeti Chopra took to their social media account to alert their fans about the virus and asked them not to panic and asked to maintain hygiene.

“There is so much of new information coming out every minute and it’s scary for everyone but we need to filter information from the right sources. Don’t panic and more importantly don’t cause panic. Your actions affect those around you. Efforts are being made all over the world and we must all do our part, however small. Stay safe. Love you all,” Kareena Kapoor Khan wrote. 

Actor Sonakshi Sinha also tweeted a picture of herself wearing a mask and dark sunglasses while sitting in a flight. “As the world battles #coronavirus, let’s ensure we do not add to the pandemic by circulating unverified information. Be safe, take necessary precautions and also be responsible. Don’t add to the panic. Last but not the least, try and make the most of the compulsory ‘me’ time,” she wrote.

Parineeti Chopra has been shared first person accounts of Italians who are under the government-imposed quarantine. “GUYS STOP BEING STUPID AND READ THIS! The coronavirus is a real thing!!! Change behaviours NOW! #coronavirus,” she wrote in a tweet.

Sonam Kapoor shared tips on how to keep one’s immunity strong. “Hygiene is the best way to avoid the Coronavirus. Washing hands thoroughly, avoid touching your face and stay away from crowded areas. a healthy lifestyle ( good sleep, food and excercise ) is important. Also have supplements that boost immunity ( vit c and d , zinc),” she wrote.

About 133,000 people have been infected and 4978 killed and 81 has been affected from virus.