Dad Shakti Kapoor's most precious gift for Shraddha

Actress Shraddha Kapoor gets a solitaire to cherish for life from her beloved father Shakti Kapoor on her 26th Birthday. She was gifted a vintage Piaget gold watch worth a whole of 7 Lakhs from Shakti Kapoor’s personal collection which is close to his heart. They say a mother’s belonging is passed on to her daughter as a tradition but here the Actress has been blessed with a possession from her Dad’s treasure.

“I have a huge collection of watches and this one was a particular favourite of hers (Shraddha)”, says Mr. Kapoor about the gold watch.

Adding to how precious this gift is to his daughter, Bollywood’s iconic actor says, “She used to eye this watch when she was a kid so this time I thought, it’s her birthday so why not surprise my princess. So I decided to gift her this watch not only because not only because I love her but because I’m really very proud of her.”

To celebrate Shraddha’s Birthday dad Shakti Kapoor cancelled his flight to Delhi, “I cancelled my flight and was with her all afternoon since she has a shoot in the night these days for her upcoming film ‘ABCD 2’, we couldn’t do the midnight celebrations but we organized a family lunch with all of her favourite dishes. “

Shakti ji lists his daughter’s birthday lunch menu, “Shraddha is a big seafood lover. So there was prawn curry, crab cakes, fish curry and prawn biryani. And actually we had it all. I was eating for almost one-and-a-half hours until Shraddha stopped me by saying, “Papa that’s enough””.

We wish for this father-daughter duo to be as successful and blessed as they’re forever.