BMC demolishes actor Arshad Warsi's bungalow at Versova

On Monday, BMC has demolished a portion of Arshad Warsi’s bungalow at Versova for its illegal construction. Four years ago, the illegal construction came into BMC’s notice.

According to BMC, the second floor measuring around 1,300sq ft of the actor was illegally constructed. BMC said that hey have issued a notice to Arshad and his wife Maria asking the couple to remove the illegal construction within 24 hours.

As there was not response from the actor and his wife, BMC carried out the demolition process partially on Monday.

BMC officials said they would send another notice to Arshad Warsi and his wife Maria Goretti, asking them to provide access to the civic staff at the premises to remove the illegal floor.

Way back in 2012, Arshad and his wife purchased the property from a retired Air India captain. During the renovation process, the actor carried out the illegal construction. Afterwards, the society complained BMC about the illegal construction.

 In 2013, when BMC decided to remove the illegal construction, the actor got stay order from court. Lately, the court lifted the stay order.

While constructing the additional area in the bungalow, the floor space index (FSI) on the society was consumed. After it was also reported that other bungalows of the society also had such illegal constructions, BMC carried a survey and found that no other bungalow in the society other than Arshad’s had carried the illegal addition.

Ward officer Prashant Gaikwad said, "We will send a notice to him again and will remove the illegal floor."