Ash, Abhi fight at award function

Bollywood’s most celebrated couple, Abhishek Bachchan and his wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan fight at an award ceremony and the witness of the fight is actor Kunal Kapoor. It all happened at the recent award ceremony. Ever since Aishwarya married to Abhishek, she flaunts her love for her beau very much. Her expressions sometimes become too heavy on her face. Abhishek noticed that she was over excited while attending the media and he felt bit embarrassed. This has become an issue of spat between the two.

Kunal Kapoor who was along with Ash-Abhi witnessed their heated argument. He then maintained a distance from them and allowed them to solve the matter. Abhishek Bachchan asked Aishwarya to control her vocal as it was too loud and she responded immediately.

After a while, she again came to her original form. Abhishek Bachchan later took Aishwarya to the hotel lobby and tried to make her understand the matter peacefully. At this, Ash shouted at the top of her voice. The actor lost his cool and asked the security guard to take Ash to her room.

Hope, both settle the matter peacefully.