Arshad Warsi touches Minissha Lamba's boobs

Arshad Warsi and Minissha Lamba’s physical intimacy on the set of ‘Zila Ghaziabad’ has created stir on the set of the film. While shooting a scene, Arshad and Minissha’s proximity cross the limit and the actor with very ease touched Minissha’s breast. The camaraderie between the two grew stronger on the set of the film and hence there was no awkward feeling between the two while shooting the scene and the scene came out beautifully.

The scene shows Minissha in lehenga-choli holding a gun and aiming at Arshad while the actor holds her breast through her blouse. At first the unit members got confused but later understood that it is the demand of the film.

Arshad and Minissha’s bonding is not restricted to the set only. Off the set also, they are bonding like two bodies and one soul. Every tongue are wagging that they are more than just friends and there’s something special cooking between them.  

A unit source says, “They are not only seen together on the sets but off the sets as well. Arshad is also keen on having maximum shots of Minissha in the movie. He is not in favour of her sequences being edited which is giving grief to the producers.”

Arshad’s marital life was in troubled waters at one point of time. Earlier in 2008, troubled brewed between them when Arshad was rumored to be dating Dia Mirza after the duo acted together in Arshad’s production Hum Tum aur Ghost.. Maria had problem with her husband as he always remain busy with his work and did not give time to her and the children. But later things had been sorted out and everything had been settled between them.

We wonder that this new friendship between Arshad and Minissha might not again create problem in the actor’s marital life.