3 killed and director Shankar injured on Kamal Haasan’s ‘Indian 2’ set

A major accident took place on the set of Shankar’s ‘Indian 2’. On Wednesday night, a crane fell on the set of ‘Indian 2’ and three reportedly lost  their life and and more than 10 people were injured including director Shankar.

The incident happened at around 9.30 pm and Kamal Haasan narrowly escaped the accident and he made arrangements for the injured to be immediately rushed to the nearby Savitha hospital.

Kamal Haasan took to Twitter to share the mishap. "I have faced and overcome many accidents, but today's is the most horrific one. I lost three colleagues. The distress of their family members will be many times greater than my own pain. I share their grief as one of them. My deepest condolences to them," he wrote.

The deceased include Shankar's personal assistant Madhu (29), assistant director Krishna (34) and Chandran (60) belonging to the catering department.

Shabbir Ahmed tweeted about the accident, #Indian2 mishap: 3 dead & 9 injured in the crane accident. The injured have been taken to a nearby hospital. Director Shankar is unhurt.

‘Indian 2’ helmed by Shankar is currently being shot at EVP Studios in Chennai. The film features Kamal Haasan in the lead role and Kajal Aggarwal, Rakul Preet, Siddharth plays pivotal role and is expected to hit the theatres early 2021.