Pad Man

Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Pad Man’ is an unconventional film and the music of the film composed by Amit Trivedi is also winning the hearts. The film is not loaded with lot of songs but the limited songs which are included in the film is situational, melodious and soulful.

The first track ‘Aaja Se Teri’ already registered its name on the chartbuster list. The lyrics is very touchy and it depicts pure love of Akshay Kumar (Laxmikant Chauhan) and his wife Gayatri (Radhika Apte).

The title track sung by Mika Singh celebrates the charisma of an unsung superhero that is Pad Man. It shows how Akshay moved forward with his unique idea of making low sanitary pad for girls for their tough days but had to convince people to take up his idea as it is hygiene for the girls and it ensures their safety. The song shows Akshay Kumar giving lectures on sanitary pad and winning the accolades of all.

The third track ‘Hu Ba Hu’ sung by Amit Trivedi nd picturized on Akshat Kumar and Sonam Kapoor. It shows two people on a mission to manufacture and market low cost sanitary napkins across the country. The song is a perfect blend of lyrics, music and vocals.

Next in the line is Saale Sapne’ crooned by Mohit Chauhan. It is rocking and very different from the earlier track. It is a foot-tapping number and quite instrumental.

Last but not the least is ‘Sayaani’, which shows a group of women coming together to congratulate a girl turning into a woman. The lyrics is penned according to the situation. Group of female singers Yashita Sharma Jonita Gandhi, Yashika Sikka and Rani Kaur come together for their feel good song.

In the nutshell, the song of ‘Pad Man’ is very situational and soulful. It is a run and heard in the coming days as well.